How do you pack your products?

Our products are sent in clean compact fixed wraps. Products are packed in a recycled wrapping paper and are wax sealed – see the pictures for a better idea. Any product can be given right away as a gift.

How long will it take to ship products?

We usually fulfill normal orders within five days, but this depends on the orders received before yours. We will inform you by email after you place the order.

Is it possible to label the consignment as a gift to avoid paying duties?

No. There are high fines or the possibility of prison in some cases for falsifying duty documents. We take this seriously, so please don't even ask us to make an exception.

What can be a reason for delay of shipment?

All products are sent by registered post but delay can result from several reasons. Most often it's due to delays at the duty office/customs. This depends on the number of duty clerks, the price of the goods, and the quantity of consignments. Delivery can also be affected by unfavorable weather, mainly in the winter months.

How to take care of the wool felt?

If it is necessary to clean the felt, avoid cleaning it with hot water or chafing it. The best way to clean marks is to use warm water (around 30°C). Then sponge up the moisture with an absorbent material. Don't rub it. This process can be repeated until the spots are gone. Lemon juice mixed with water will absorb odors and is antibacterial. You can use this according to the instructions above.

Does your case provide good protection against damage caused by a fall?

Our cases are produced from a material which mitigates damage and scratches caused by a fall. We don't guarantee full protection against dropping or crushing your device.