Contest organiser: – Zuzana Fichtlová, Luhovská 1735, Prague182 00, ID: 01316401


The purpose of the contest:

The purpose of the contest is to create a genuine wish for the 1st PuurCo birthday, either in a text or photo form. The contest is based on the principle of selecting the best birthday wishes and meeting the pre-conditions.


Contest rules: 
The contest participants can be anyone who during the specified period sends their birthday wish (in text, photo or video form) and posts it using their Twitter account, including the URL reference to the contest ( or the hashtag #puurGiveaway or mentioning @puurco. The participants should also start following @puurco if they have not already done so.


The contest will take place every 3 days in the 21-day period and it will involve 3 products from the portfolio. At the end of each round (after the 3 days) the organiser will select 3 entries, based primarily on originality, elaboration, and the idea, and publish the names of the winners on the Twitter account @puurco.


The prizes for the different days are predetermined. For each contest period, the prizes will be displayed on the contest page
The contestants are not entitled to a prize from the organiser and the selection of the entries is entirely the decision of the organiser.
After each round, the winners will be contacted and asked to provide their address to which to send the prize. All the prizes will be sent at the end of the contest (21 days).


The contest schedule:
The contest will takes place for 21 days in 7 rounds each round taking place after 3 days (from midnight on the first day to 23:59 CET of the third day).


Have fun :)