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About Us

PuurCo is a European label for handmade sleeves and bags for your electronic devices. It was founded by Susan and Martin in the beautiful city of Prague, in the heart of Europe, in 2012.

The history and tradition of the Czech Republic has inspired us to make quality, handmade products from natural materials. Due to the time-consuming handmade process, our production is limited.

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Pure Design

We emphasize the quality of processing and the simplicity of the product design. Our preparation is exhaustive: extensive sketches, schemas and prototypes must be made before the final product is ready for our customers.

Precise Production

The felt and leather get their unique form in our workroom. Firstly, the material has to be cut with a sharp knife from specific pieces according to an exact template, to get the perfect overall look. Then it’s sewn traditionally with a needle and awl. Every piece is original from the beginning to the end and handmade by one person. Even the logo embossing is produced manually. For this reason small discrepancies are possible, as you can see in the photos.

Best Materials

Our strategy and policy is to use natural materials strictly obtained only from European suppliers. We use only 100% merino wool felt and natural high-quality leather. Felt is very comfortable to touch and has the perfect attributes for resisting damp. It can also absorb minor damages thanks to the 3mm thickness of the material.